Monika Küper
Monika Küper, born in Abtsgmünd-Strassdorf, lives since 1991 in Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany, and devoted more than 25 years of her life actively painting. In 1978, she seized the brush for the first time and began to express her experiences and emotions in the form of painting on glass. Over the years, Monika perfected this exceptionally difficult technique of reverse painting on glass and developed her own style,characterized by the expressive colours and shapes, as well as through the symbolism of the images.
Monika Küper's pictures tell stories, reflect thoughts and access situations and moments from the animal and human world, environment and nature. Many of these works, in particular her animal portraits and plant pictures, aim to portray the nature of the chosen subject in the foreground. Others demonstrate a deliberate suspension of certain structure, such as: the relationship of time and space, the balance of emotional sensations, hope and threat and the ubiquitous team of reality, desires and dreams. The Viewer often finds the ability to recognize themselves in Monika Küper's paintings, and to match the artistically represented criticism of human interaction with nature and themselves.
Not only the original implementation of her motives is responsible for Monika Küper's characteristic style, applied technology has also had a decisive influence on the results of her work. Precisely, the artist applies gouache paints with brush or airbrush on the back of the glass, and then seals the applied colors with paint. In the mid-'90s she created the original reverse glass painting for the poster "The Gmünder at Night" . The silkscreen prints of "The Rhinoceros", and "Summer Flowers" were both extremely successful in the international art trade.
Stephanie Balis and Moritz Küper